United States Navy ship Fires Missiles in Defense in Yemen

https://changehascometoamerica.tumblr.com/post/151716466612/this-is-obviously-a-huge-deal-us-navy-ship US Navy destroyer targeted by missiles from rebel-held Yemen   State Dept. / Pentagon Deflect Questions On Iran-Backed Missile Attacks on US Navy Destroyer Related articles US Navy fires Missile at Navy ship off coast of Yemen, targets radar installations – Pentagon | Athavan English News (athavaneng.com)

So does this mean cables are faster than satellites or satellites don’t exist?

Google and Facebook have teamed up to build an 8,000-mile undersea internet cable between Los Angeles and Hong Kong, the longest and fastest internet cable across the Pacific. The project, a collaboration between the two internet giants, as well as Pacific Light Data Communication and TE SubCom, two telecoms companies, is intended to improve connection […]